About us

Welcome to BOAT IT UP – where the love for the water comes alive. As a young company passionate about the marine world, we offer an extensive range of boat rentals worldwide, tailored to your preferences. However, our activities extend beyond mere sailing; we are about creating unforgettable moments on the water. With our experience, we have crafted a dedicated team to prepare tailor-made events just for you.

At BOAT IT UP, we invite you to “Discover Your Inner Sailor” – a journey that transcends the ordinary. We believe a sunset on the water is a once-in-a-lifetime experience everyone should savor. Each boat cruise promises a unique sense of freedom, whether you are a first-timer enjoying a day with friends or an experienced sailor constantly seeking new horizons.

Imagine a ‘Pop the Question’ event with the sun setting as a witness, a romantic dinner for two under the stars, or a team-building experience that blends adventure and camaraderie. We specialize in turning your ideas into extraordinary water events.

Our commitment to safety and the professionalism of our staff ensures a worry-free adventure for you and your loved ones. We are also dedicated to preserving the beauty of the marine environments we explore, adopting sustainable practices in all our activities.

As we sail into the unknown, the wind propels us towards your dreams and desires. We do what we love, pushing every event to the max. From intimate gatherings to grand productions and extravagant VIP events, all our offerings share one thing – the passion and dedication with which we prepare them.

Enough reading, let’s talk and create your next memorable water adventure together. Discover more about our services and how we can tailor the perfect event for you.